Left to right: Mr Khalil Y. Elmarie, Mr Khalid Hnaifat, Minister of Agriculture and Mr Satish R. Iyer on 30 August 2023.

Jordan - Emerging Stud Book

It is well known that there are several horse breeds in Jordan, the most popular breed being the Arabian horse and a significant part of the Bedouin culture, having beautiful conformation.
During the last decade or so, Thoroughbred horses have also become increasingly popular in Jordan and many breeders have started importing fashionable pedigreed horses from Europe, the Middle East and other countries. 

About a year ago, Mr Khalil Y. Elmarie, a prominent breeder in Jordan, established contact with Weatherbys, thereafter, the Indian Stud Book to understand the nuances of having a Stud Book Authority in Jordan to register imported Thoroughbreds and also document their breeding records in Jordan.

Progress Made So Far

Having identified a large number of Thoroughbreds in Jordan and their breeders, Khalil started working towards setting up an institution in Jordan, wherein these horses and their breeders could be registered as per the guidelines of the International Stud Book Committee (ISBC). 

Export certificates of many imported horses in Jordan have been received by the Jordan Stud Book. The Rules for Registration of Thoroughbreds in Jordan are being formulated. The Ministry of Agriculture had a positive outlook and were pleased to note that maintaining a registry of Thoroughbreds in Jordan would create job opportunities for the people concerned with the sport.

ISBC has now granted 'Emerging' status to the Jordan Stud Book.

Jordan Stud Book is now looking at acquiring knowledge from various other countries. Recently, delegates of the Jordan Stud Book visited Turkey and met the Stud Book department of Turkey, which is under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture. Shortly, a visit to Saudi Arabia is planned during the running of the Saudi Cup during the last week of February 2024. 

The Asian Stud Book Committee Meeting scheduled to be held in Sapporo Japan is a must attend for Jordan where they will be able to interact with many countries in the Asian-Oceanian zone.

Looking Forward

With the right ingredients in place and support from the Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan, they are all set to have their horses participating at various racecourses abroad.


Satish R. Iyer

Regional Reviewer.

January 2024